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Sapsucker Stake 2.JPG
Sapsucker on Garden Stake: The crow is attached to a 2’ long garden stake.

Did You Know??

Sapsucker Branch 1.JPG
Sapsucker on Big Branch: The bird is attached to a special 12” long branch. This branch is bigger and longer than the regular tree branch.

From Cornell Lab of Ornithology 

The Red-breasted Sapsucker cuts a dramatic profile with its brilliant scarlet head and dapper checkerboard pattern on the back. Sapsuckers are named for their habit of drilling rows of shallow wells in shrubs and trees, and then lapping up the sap with their brush-tipped tongues. Sapsuckers are important members of their ecosystems, because many species of insects, birds, and mammals use the sapwells to supplement their own diets.

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