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Sapsucker on Garden Stake: The crow is attached to a 2’ long garden stake.

Did You Know??

Sapsucker on Big Branch: The bird is attached to a special 12” long branch. This branch is bigger and longer than the regular tree branch.

From Cornell Lab of Ornithology 

The buoyant, flutelike melody of the Western Meadowlark ringing out across a field can brighten anyone’s day. Meadowlarks are often more easily heard than seen, unless you spot a male singing from a fence post. This colorful member of the blackbird family flashes a vibrant yellow breast crossed by a distinctive, black, V-shaped band. Look and listen for these stout ground feeders in grasslands, meadows, pastures, and along marsh edges throughout the West and Midwest, where flocks strut and feed on seeds and insects.

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